Luke Bather - 12th Oct 2016

Benjamin Kutsko takes Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros' frontman Alex Ebert Stewart into a digital fever dream with his video for Perfect Time.

Shot in LA's legendary United Recording Studio, we watch on in surrealist, psychedelic awe as the creative process unfolds visually in front of us. Stewart croons his way through the song with a phantom orchestra as the world melts and transforms around him.

With visuals created using Google's Deep Dream (famous for adding a horrifying amount of eyes and dogs to most imagery) and incorporating archive footage into an already historic setting, Kutsko here provides an excellent blend of the old classic atmosphere with a nightmarish leap into a new digital renaissance.


“We wanted to explore the creative process that is recording an album or a song or making art or movies. You can really get lost in it; it takes over every moment. Like working late at night creating these visuals, it’s a computer dream.”


DirectorBenjamin Kutsko
Production CompanyMiniac Films
Director of PhotographyJordan Levy
ColouristDerek Strick
LabelCommunity Music
Other creditsCamera Operator: Austin Ahlborg

Luke Bather - 12th Oct 2016

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