Luke Bather - 5th Oct 2016

It's difficult to put the immense scale of Romain Gavras' stellar video for Jamie xx's Gosh into words, which is probably why this Behind the Scenes documentary by Kim Chapiron is almost entirely void of any dialogue that explicitly details the production.

Never one for explaining himself too literally, this doc doesn't follow Gavras as he explains shot by shot his intentions, or how he wants the video to look. For more illumination, you're better off reading Dazed's interview with the director. Simply, you, through the eyes of Kim Chapiron, wander around this gigantic location and watch on in awe at the sheer scale of this production. 

When this video first appeared (and then promptly disappeared for a while) the claims of 'No CGI or 3D effects!' were met with a resounding "How?!". And whilst the game isn't given away here entirely, it's an eye-opening look at what went on during the shoot.

It's a hypnotic piece of documentary (with one hilarious moment about halfway through) entirely worthy of a transcendent piece of music video art.

• Romain Gavras breaks down the Jamie xx 'Gosh' video on DAZED 

PRO Credits


DirectorKim Chapiron
Producer CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerRoman Pichon Herrera
Other creditsLine Producer: Arnaud Le Méné Production Coordinator: Mélodie Buchris Director of Photography: Mattias Rudh Movi and Drone Operator: Myron Mance Drone Pilot: Malan Thinus Stylist: Hannah Edwards Casting: Philippe Elkoubi Introducing Hassan Kone Production Services: Eagle Media Producer: Edmond Tao Line Producer (China): Quoi Zhang Jing 1st assistant camera: Zhu « Leo » Lian Grip: Adrian Wigerdal 1st Assistant Director: Thomas Chow 2nd Assistant Director: Wang Zhi Rong Editor: Flora Volperliere Colourist: Mathieu Caplanne Flame Artist: Clément Germain Sound Editor: Marco Casanova Post Production Supervisor: Renaud Coulon Editing and Grading Services: Poster Coordinator: Cyril Bordesoulle Special Effects: Mathematics Supervisor: Emeric Samier Coordinator: Guillaume Marien

Luke Bather - 5th Oct 2016

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