Luke Bather - 23rd Sept 2016

A lazy afternoon hangout becomes gradually more oppressive as more and more men show up to ruin things in Riley Blakeway's musing on social norms for LA trio Cherry Glazerr.

Just about everything in the world can be ruined by the addition of too many men, and a lazy afternoon band practice is no exception. The band tries and tries to play through their song, but the constantly multiplying number of uniformly dressed men makes things increasingly more uncomfortable.


“Using physical men to fill up the space was a simple and distilled way of achieving this feeling of suffocation without being too heavy-handed.

“I wanted to create a passive battle of entitlement that ended with the men overpowering the scenes solely with pure physicality. They’re not being malicious; they’re just taking up too much space.

“Sasami and Clem [Sasami Ashworth and Clementine Creevy] have opened my eyes to a lot of gender-equality issues that I feel like I was previously blind to as a result of the society I grew up in. This attitude needs to change and the idea behind this song and video is to help start a dialogue. Clem had an idea of what she wanted the video to say, so I collaborated with her and the band to translate this into a concept for the film.

“I wanted to repeat the shots in the chorus scenes to make the addition of the guys more pronounced. The way we shot the film was heavily dictated by this, as well as the decision to use a dolly to achieve the repetition. This is what really gave it my visual aesthetic and I’m pleased with how it turned out; I like the patience of the edit.”


DirectorRiley Blakeway
Director of PhotographyDustin Lane
ProducerMolly Ortiz
ProducerLindsey Ramey
Art DirectorMarlee Schneider
1st ADMike Hart
1st ACJames Teninty
Key GripMichael Goff
GafferDrew Weaver
Production AssistantAshley Otis
Production AssistantLilit Grigoryan
Production AssistantJustin Brooks
EditorRiley Blakeway
ColouristSantiago Padilla Incendio
Production CompanyGeneral Population

Luke Bather - 23rd Sept 2016

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