Cat Velez - 6th Sept 2016

British singer-songwriter Dan Croll daydreams about bathing with other people in his video for Swim, directed by Charlie James Reader.

In it, the artist seems to frequent the idea of opening up an existing monogamous relationship to explore other people, in a series of sensual images where intimacy is experienced between multiple people taking a bath together. Staring down the viewer with their bedroom eyes, the newly-found lovers are detached and statuesque, merely an idea in the centre-stage of his mind. 


"The weekend before the track came in, the shower in my flat broke, forcing my flatmates and I into bathing instead. During this period, many a discussion was had about whether sharing bath water was acceptable or not, and it occurred to me that an amatory metaphor can be drawn from the idea of sharing a bath with many people. Bathing with a loved one is a romantic event but when we swim with others in the same water, we enter the realm of lust, promiscuity and eroticism. The water gets a little dirty."

"And so, we found a great bath, a great cast, and we got wet. It was a really fun shoot and we all had a laugh making it. It was really hot though - luckily we could jump in the bath to cool off."


DirectorCharlie James Reader
ProducerBen Mealing
Director's RepresentationLock It In
Production CompanyMealing Media Ltd
Assistant ProducerGio Forino
Director of PhotographyArthur Mulhorn
1st ACLukas Demgenski
GafferKillian Drury
SparkAmir Moulfi
Hair & Make-upCharlotte Thame
Art DirectionNatasha Piper
PlaybackTino Hapaguti
EditorKat Janes
ColouristJack McGinity
Post production companyTime Based Arts
Other creditsRunner: Kieron Musicka Runner: Ben Gibson Models: Paul-Emille Forman, Clea Martin, Gabby Brooks, Sharmina Harrower

Cat Velez - 6th Sept 2016

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