Luke Bather - 28th July 2016

Grant Singer's video for Phantogram's You Don't Get Me High Anymore is a dark, passionate desert-set affair. With visceral close-ups of gel moulds being sliced, and the destruction of buildings from the inside out, it's anything but gentle. Combine that imagery with the impending doom of a gigantic wave, motorbike stunts, BDSM and a rich, saturated colourscape of fierce reds and blues, and you've got something in front of you that becomes difficult to define.

The title is so incendiary in itself, and Grant Singer has undoubtedly taken his cue from that. And its a territory that he's familiar with - the thrillseekers who break the mould, smash the monotony, but pay some kind of price in the process. It all feels uncomfortable, self destructive and confusingly sexy.


DirectorGrant Singer
ProducerJona Ward
Production CompanyRanch Hand Entertainment

Luke Bather - 28th July 2016

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