Luke Bather - 26th July 2016

Jovan Todorovic teams up with Norwegian singer-songwriter Okay Kaya for this subtly moving and beautiful video set in the strange confines of a support group.

As this group appear to hold their meetings in an empty basketball court, we're immediately put at odds with our surroundings. There doesn't appear to be much joy around either, as everyone here is well and truly out of their comfort zone. But as the camera gracefully dances around the circle of chairs, before long the people in those chairs begin to dance themselves.

A traditional Serbian dance unites the group and pushes them forward into a place of healing. We see them clap and stomp, but we only hear the serene stillness of Kaya's song. A wonderfully calming juxtaposition.


"I had a loose idea that revolved around a support group, and culminated in a rendition of a traditional Serbian kolo dance. Kaya and her track Durer were the missing link that weaved everything together and gave the images purpose. In the song she sings about a certain inability to move communication forward, like a motor roaring in neutral not getting anywhere. 

"A support group represents this idea very well, and the way they hold hands becomes a sort of silent resolution in the face of this lack of communication. Kaya choreographed it mixing in hints of Norwegian traditional dance moves." (via NOWNESS)

Watch 'Okay Kaya 'Durer' by Jovan Todorovic' here

PRO Credits


DirectorJovan Todorovic
Director of PhotographyStuart Winecoff
Executive ProducerEmi Stewart
EditorMilena Z. Petrovic
ColouristMikey Rossiter
ChoreographyKaya Wilkins
ProducerNicole Miqueli
ProducerMik Cooper
1st ACSam Wolff
2nd ACFrances Jane de Rubertis
GafferDom Miller
Key GripRahul Sharma
Production AssistantJulius Moreno
Production AssistantMax Jablonsky
Production AssistantAnnalisee Miqueli
Post ProducerNatalie Westerfield
Production CompanyAll:expanded
Director's RepresentationStink Films
Director's RepresentationOB Management

Luke Bather - 26th July 2016

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