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Tommy Cash 'Winaloto' by Tommy Cash

Luke Bather - 25th July 2016

The Estonian rapper Tommy Cash directs this insane, disturbing and flesh-filled video for his single 'Winaloto'.

There's a lot of skin on display here. Cash appears to have taken the rap video trope of having asses everywhere and flipped it on its head. We're seeing people of all shapes and sized, contorting and waving and piling and writhing and slapping and god-knows-what you want call it when you composite a rapper's face onto a vagina. It's designed to be shocking, and if you're caught off guard then shocking it is... but it's also just kinda great.

The fleshy colours of the costumes (when there are any costumes to be worn) combined with the backdrops look excellent. The VFX work is playfully done and the performances of the cast members are in places downright cool. It's easy to get lost in the sensational elements of this, but as an aesthetic introduction to the strange world of Tommy Cash, it's pretty much perfect.

Luke Bather - 25th July 2016


  • Comedy
  • Performance
  • VFX

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Tommy Cash
Anna-Lisa Himma
1st AD
Elisa Johanna Känd


Director of Photography
CJ Kask
1st AC
Laur-Erik Ruus




Art Direction
Tommy Cash
Art Direction
Anna-Lisa Himma

Luke Bather - 25th July 2016

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