David Knight - 20th July 2016

Alan Masferrer follows up the beautiful weirdness of his Antony & Cleopatra video earlier this year with another stunning and explosively imaginative piece of work for Klyne, featuring the extraordinarily flexible Dasha Sovik undergoing an extraordinary transformation.

It might put you off seafood for a while... 


"As this is a much more hypnotic song than the usual single track, I approached it in an instinctive way to get something that felt like an audiovisual experience for the viewer. 

"The first thing that came to my mind was the octopus. Then I thought that the concept of the metamorphosIs with the girl fit with the lyrics, although the idea of the contortionist girl didn't came until a few days before the shoot. It didn't appear at the treatment and it wasn't until we were already casting models when I realized we needed to take the body expression to its highest level. Luckily we were able to persuade our first option, Dasha Sovik (ex-Cirque Du Soleil contortionist), for this role. She really nailed it and put all her courage to deal with an extremely demanding shoot.

"The CGI shots were the last piece of the puzzle and they are a very artistic collaboration of Nico Zarza. He experimented with a lot of techniques to get a very suggestive and matching look, including the use of the real light of the set captured by a 360º camera." 


DirectorAlan Masferrer
Production CompanyGrayskull
Executive ProducerDani Monedero
Executive ProducerJesus Alamo
ProducerLara Saborido
Head Of ProductionRaquel Giimenez
Director of PhotographyMarc Miró
Art DirectorIván Triviño Martínez
Make-upRubén Mármol
StylistBrisa Salietti
EditorLluis Murua
3D AnimatorNico Zarza
ColouristXavi Santolaya
Director's Rep (UK)Lock It In

David Knight - 20th July 2016

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