Luke Bather - 7th July 2016

Sunny Leunig directs a wonderful cameo-laden video for Courtney Barnett that starts with feminist punk heroes Sleater-Kinney (a band of which Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein is a member) sat on a bench delivering some Portlandia-style dialogue about misreading a map, before Barnett herself flies past as the eponymous Elevator Operator.

The video takes various strange turns from there – with a cast list plucked from numerous Pitchfork-friendly bands. The often nonplussed Barnett occupies an elevator that seemingly travels through both space and time, allowing her to observe and interact with any number of bizarre scenarios that may unfold as the door opens to her. Those familiar with PT Anderson's recent video for Radiohead should see this as its fun-loving cousin.

Barnett eventually navigates her way to a rooftop where she and her bandmates conclude the track, after a moment of quiet reflection...


DirectorSunny Leunig
Director of PhotographyMatt Wood
ProducerEmma Haarburger
Associate ProducerDanielle Thiris
1st ACAnthony Rilocapro
Art DirectorMarni Kornhauser
Art DepartmentJosephine Wagstaff
Art DepartmentSarah Hopper
GafferThommi Hacker
GripFraser Lever
ColouristMatt Wood
VFXTristan Mclachlan
EditorSunny Leunig
Make-upSelena Pretzel
Costume SupervisorLou Mclaren
Drone OperatorChristopher Lansell
SoundMark Mitchell
SoundJack Pender
StillsHelga Leunig
Other creditsBest Girl: Hannah Palmer Cast: Sleater-Kinney, Glory! Bangs, Courtney Barnett, Bones Sloane & Dave Mudie, Magda Szubanski, Tim Rogers, The Finks, Tweedy, The Drones, Garret and Will Huxley, Gabi Barton, Sunny Leunig, Vincent Juggernaut, Tain Stangret, Izzi Goldman and John, Nicholas & Thea Jones, Batpiss, Loose Tooth, Camp Cope, Jo Syme (Big Scary), East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Paul Kelly, Michael Leunig, Meaghan Weiley, Jess Tyler, Thommy Taranto (Milk! Records), Jen Cloher, Fraser A. Gorman, Ouch My Face, Marni Kornhauser & Radar Rad

Luke Bather - 7th July 2016

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