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The Herbert Bail Orchestra 'The Future's In The Past' by Björn Rühmann

David Knight - 6th July 2016

After the epic, desert-set video for The Nature Of Things, Björn Rühmann has released the second installment of his short film series for Los Angeles-based indie folk band The Herbert Bail Orchestra. This one, for the haunting The Future’s In The Past is another slow-burner, and nailbiting. It also doesn't offer much in the way of a happy ending. Quite the contrary, with echoes, intended or otherwise, with the Oscar Pistorius murder case.  

Rühmann also abandons the traditional music video format, taking the time to explore the narrative before weaving in the music to amplify the emotional crescendo of the characters. It opens with band members discovering the wreckage of an abandoned car at night. But they miss the badly injured woman who limps away, with her baby, from the crash seeking help from a nearby home. When its evident she's been mistaken as an intruder by the house's paranoid resident, catastrophe beckons.

“It’s about how humanity has universally become more withdrawn and lonely,” notes Rühmann. “We wanted to explore the distinct tragedy of being left with yourself in the wake of avoidable trauma caused by a lack of genuine interpersonal connection.” The music actually begins in the final section of the gripping film, and Herbert Bail Orchestra frontman Anthony Frattolillo says: “We want to make cinema for the ears. Our idea is that every song is a journey and has a story behind it.”

David Knight - 6th July 2016


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David Knight - 6th July 2016

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