David Knight - 3rd July 2016

So there you are, the Starship Enterprise, toddling along at about warp factor 3, just minding your own business, when you come across a new nebula that looks just like Rihanna...

We knew she was big, but this is ridiculous. Floria Sigismondi's video for Sledgehammer is, no surprise, a tie-in with the new Star Trek movie. It is also the first music video to be photographed on the IMAX Alexa camera, and will be shown in IMAX theatres. 

And needless to say, the song has nothing to do Peter Gabriel. It was written by Sia, and frankly, sounds more like Sia than Rihanna. No matter, Ri-ri definitely makes a better space goddess.


DirectorFloria Sigismondi
ProducerOualid Mouaness
ProducerColeen Haynes
ProducerCiarra Pardo

David Knight - 3rd July 2016

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