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Kaiser Chiefs 'Parachute' by Ed Sayers

Luke Bather - 21st June 2016

The Kaiser Chiefs are back, and Ed Sayers has singer Ricky Wilson vying for approval from his bandmates from the diving board.

It's a fun, warm and colourful video that sees Wilson take on some high-dives in a set of progressively more ridiculous costumes (we're talking sky diver through to superhero by way of Victorian Bird Man here).

We're also treated to some underwater lip-sync, which is no mean feat, and the whole thing (bar the opening shot) is in 4:3 aspect ratio - possibly a little nod to Sayers' Super 8 roots (he's the founder and maestro behind the Straight 8 competition). We invited Ed to shed a little more light on the production...


"Emma Greengrass (commissioner from Caroline) and I worked together on Bear's Den's Agape video and have been looking for ways to work together again ever since - then this came along.

"Ricky and I had a chat on the phone, we'd never spoken before but he was funny and he explained about the KC's new musical direction, and that he loved the idea of them not taking themselves too seriously.  That was music to my ears. He talked a lot about the band dynamics when it comes to video shoots which was really useful.

"We talked about three ideas though we were on the call to talk about one initially: we were going to have him genuinely learning to solo skydive, over weeks, for real. I was going to shoot a cinematic-doc style film leading up to his first actual solo jump, and putting a finale twist into that.

"On the morning of the call I started thinking about high-diving and wondered about holding him in the air using slow-mo, whilst wearing a skydiving suit, and how underwater you can look like you're flying and the idea grew out of that.

"Did Ricky do all his own stunts? That would be telling."

"We also talked about my own unexpected skydive experience at Los Lobos airstrip in Buenos Aires (it's a funny but long story) and at one point he was up for making that as a short film too! In fact it seems Ricky is up for anything - jumping out a plane, jumping off a high dive board, underwater lip-sync (he's very good at it), even hanging out washing.  So as you can see, we went for the high-dive/sky-dive idea and nearly got Tom Daley involved too. Did Ricky do all his own stunts? That would be telling.

"Eben Bolter came on board as DoP and Lucy Chambers as producer. We mainly shot 2-camera Alexa (Mini and XR in 4:3) with Leica Summilux-C lenses (thank you Arri). The graphic location that is Crystal Palace diving pool and the consistent vertical screen action immediately suggested 4:3 aspect ratio to me - apart from the opening shot which we kept 16:9 and embraced the 'ratio-pop'.  

"Steffan Perry at Framestore, came to the party as colourist and Ben Harrex at Final Cut edited. Grace Zito was ace on costume, too. We had exactly 12 hours from arrival to wrap and with the humidity in there it was a tough, sweaty, extremely fast day but everyone involved had fun - even Whitey from the band in the end. You couldn't not! Hopefully people enjoy watching it to nearly the same degree!"

Luke Bather - 21st June 2016


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Ed Sayers
Lucy Chambers
Production Company
Seven Productions Ltd
1st AD
Jai Lusser


Director of Photography
Eben Bolter
Focus Puller
AJ Golesworthy
2nd AC
Laurence Johson


Aaron Walters


Art Director
Ciaran Beale


Grace Zito
Georgia Woodland


Ben Harrex
Editing company
Final Cut


Steffan Perry
Colour grade company


Tim Greenwood, Savneet Nagi
Post production company
Post Producer
Chris Anthony


Emma Greengrass
Caroline Records

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OB Management

Luke Bather - 21st June 2016

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