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Mount Moriah 'Precita' by Fidel Ruiz-­Healy

Luke Bather - 18th May 2016

A brilliant bait-and-switch kicks off this excellent one-take video for Mount Moriah.

Beginning on a close-up of a smiling child with a skipping rope paired with the lyrics "I met you on a dime.." very easily tricks you into thinking you're in for a nice, sentimental narrative. Until, of course, a man with a gunshot wound to the gut and a pair of ripped tights on his head careers through the background and drags our attention along with him.

The video then plays out the tail-end of a robbery narrative - that tense moment between the crime and the getaway where the whole thing hangs in the balance. We're treated here to a colourful array of background action and tiny slices of Americana all falling into a gloriously messy street scene.

I half expected the end of the video would feature the would-be criminals crashing head first into Bjork/Spike Jonze's shoot for 'It's Oh So Quiet', but this video is fun all on its own.

Luke Bather - 18th May 2016


  • New Director
  • Narrative
  • One shot video
  • Robbery
  • Mainstreet USA

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Fidel Ruiz-­Healy
Veronica Pomilla
Tyler Walker
Production Company
The American Standard Film Company
Executive Producer
Jordan Michael Blake
1st AD
Veronica Pomilla


Director of Photography
Conor Murphy
1st AC
Shaun Kim


Production designer
John Arnos


Casting director
Jeff Cummings


Phil Haley


Production Coordinator
Mary Pomilla
Ben Levine

Other credits


M.C. Wolfe, David Rysdahl, Steve Siltanen, Fatoumata Toure, Makoyan Toure, Anna­Lisa Ashman, Carmen Falcon, Matthew Rosvanis, Oriane Rembalsky, Bill Hartin, John McPoyle, Travis Barrett, Emmett deMuzio, Edward Sellner, Alexander Jameson, Phyllis Pastore, Helton Llaven, Peter Cron, Samantha Hribick, Zack Block

Luke Bather - 18th May 2016

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