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Jack Garratt 'Surprise Yourself' by Tom Clarkson

Cat Velez - 5th May 2016

Tom Clarkson has followed up his excellent casting call clip for Jack Garratt's Worry with this latest video for the Brit-winning multi-instrumentalist, which documents the efforts of several ordinary individuals as they confront to their greatest fears and phobias - all with a camera attached via a body rig, to capture their experiences in detail. 

It's an inspiring watch, getting right up close to the subjects as one rides a rollercoaster, another gets a tattoo, another goes skydiving (God knows how they got him to do that with a body rig on!), and so on. It shows that courage means different things to different people, and the video shows it in various forms. 

What fears do you have left to face?


"The song, Surprise Yourself, dealt with the raw and universal message of support towards someone with wavering self confidence and belief. This idea was born from that... a way to bring that message to life in the most natural and sincere way possible… to build a series of environments in which we can invite people to face their fears or achieve their ambitions and surprise themselves. We then built a body rig that focused completely on them and their emotional journey.

"Finding real people to participate was key to delivering that sentiment so the entire cast were found through a mix of Jack’s social channels and street castings by Leanne Flinn. We were so lucky to have everyone who took part and shared their journey with us...their courage and what they achieved was astounding and inspiring. It was a privilege for Jack, the team and I to have their trust and be able to share in their experience.

"Thank you to the entire team who brought the project together.  The final video is a wonderful memento for me of an exciting and emotional few weeks of meeting and working with some incredible people."

Cat Velez - 5th May 2016


  • Director's notes
  • Documentary
  • Pop, Singer-songwriter

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Tom Clarkson
Cal Gordon
Tina Pawlik
Production Company
Production Manager
Mike Heath
Production Manager
Bertie Barkley


Hair & Make-up
Amy Fletcher


Claire McGonigal
Editing company
Final Cut


Joseph Bicknell

Other credits


Rowan James-Brown, Hattie Sadrettin, Katie payne, Catherine Ward, Iona Croally, Sharon Frobes, Yumiko Hanasaka, Jenni W, Victoria Semenova

Cat Velez - 5th May 2016

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