Cat Velez - 29th Mar 2016

Gabriel Bruce is trapped in a reflective living room in Metal Soul, left to perform his idiosyncratic dancing in this bizarre, affecting video by designer and director Tessa Edwards. Expressive of his feelings of isolation and loneliness following a painful heartbreak, we wintess the singer's musings as he hangs around the disorientating space while singing his song and staring us down. 


“Metal Soul presents both a literal play on words and also takes us into a heightened reality.   We are presented with an unassuming foil covered window.  It is today,  in a corner of the real world.  Although we expected to discover a squalid or tawdy scene when we enter,  we are confronted by a sparkling,  magical vision of metal.  

"Tin foil blocks out lights,  wifi signal and electrical currents.  We use it to wrap and preserve our food.  By presenting Gabriel in this world we show him alone and preserved in a stasis,  trapped or hidden.  Within the boundaries of this silver foil Gabriel is isolated,  entirely engulfed by metal."


DirectorTessa Edwards
Director of PhotographyOllie Craig
Set designJoseph Turnball

Cat Velez - 29th Mar 2016

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