Cat Velez - 10th Feb 2016

Bad girls do it well in this entertaining video for Swedish star-in-the-making Elliphant's Step Down, directed by Liza Minou Morberg. 

As fake, pretentious relatives arrive at her house for a family dinner, Elliphant is reluctantly forced out of her perch at her bedroom window by the head of the house and her two servants. The singer is scrubbed, brushed and made proper while she begrudgingly looks on, before made to engage with the guests.

And engage she does. While levels of pompousness going off the scale, naughty Elliphant proceeds to slip a mysterious fluorescent liquid into everyone's drink, releasing the guests' baser instincts from under their stiff collars... 


DirectorLiza Minou Morberg

Cat Velez - 10th Feb 2016

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