Cat Velez - 9th Feb 2016

Young director Ollie Wolf has followed up his previous collaboration with Australian pop singer Josef Salvat for Open Season with this video for his latest single Paradise.

Winding through the hallways of a luxurious hotel, we follow Josef through a day promoting his new single on a press junket. The near one-take video sees him living the pop star life, signing autographs, taking selfies with fans, getting into limousines, and just generally getting ushered around from room to room by his manager.

And when it all gets a bit too much, he makes a break for it... but ends up walking straight into a room where a muppet awaits him for an interview.


"Without wanting to sound like a nob we established meta tone with Josef’s last video. So it allowed us with “Paradise” to dive deeper into a narrative that explored the honest reality of the pop star lifestyle. Most of Paradise is based around stories Josef told me - including the puppet interview which was too good not to include. Then the seamless flow of the film came naturally from the idea of spending a day in his life. And let’s be honest - who doesn’t wanna have a crack at a one shot right."

PRO Credits


DirectorOllie Wolf
Executive ProducerOre Okonedo
Production CompanyCaviar
ProducerMatt Posner
Production ManagerMaurizio Von Trapp
Production AssistantEmma Thompson
1st ADWayne Bentley
2nd ADConor Deedigan
RunnerTom Asquith
Director of PhotographyJack Wilkinson
Focus PullerRyan Parkins
2nd ACAlan Robert Hopkins
SteadicamAndrew Fletcher
PlaybackTom Wynborne
GafferAlex Edyvean
SparkRichard Harrowing
SparkMatt Markham
DITAshley Hicks
Art DirectorRobin Crowley
Make-upCharlotte Kraftman
Make-up AssistantWillow Katz
WardrobeNil Tomakan
Wardrobe AssistantIsabella Sumner
ChoreographyDakarayi Mashava
CommissionerLaura Clayton
LabelSony Music
EditorFouad Gaber
Editing companyTrim Editing

Cat Velez - 9th Feb 2016

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