Cat Velez - 9th Dec 2015

Dublin-based Bob Gallagher - who has recently been signed to Lock It In for music video representation - has directed this touching dramatic video for SOAK's Reckless Behaviour, following the unlikely Harold and Maude-ish friendship between a fun-loving and off-kilter older woman and a troubled young girl. 

The friendship begins with a sneaky cigarette break from the hospital, just when the girl - who's wrists are bandaged - most needs a friend. Eventually the pair are split up, but not before breaking out of the hospital, indulging in the freedom of an afternoon drive and speeding away from the police – and the young girl's realisation she has more in common with the old girl than she first thought. 


"There is a really tangible sense of empathy to SOAK singer Bridie's songwriting. It's a beautiful quality, and I think she's a very evolved songwriter in that way. I tried to get that sense across through Jo, the older character played by Fiona York. She sees the younger character (Dani Hiro) struggling and she makes an effort to help her. The video is about what two people observe in each other and how that makes them relate in a way that transcends their difference in age or their backgrounds.  

"The lyrics are quite direct so I really just built the story around the sentiments that were already there in the song. The chorus 'I won't waste my youth this year' made me think of being depressed in my early twenties. I think what I've learned, is that when you're more open and you're not afraid to show a little vulnerability that's when you really form more meaningful connections with other people.

"Those connections are what help you to get well and stay healthy, so I hope the video goes some way towards illustrating that."


DirectorBob Gallagher
ProducerDavid Lester Mooney
ProducerAisling O'Farrell
Executive ProducerZlata Filipovic
Executive ProducerAnna Rodgers
Production CompanyInvisible Thread Films
Director of PhotographyDeirdre O'Toole
EditorPeter Madden
Costume designerSarah Elizabeth Whitford
Hair & Make-upSusan Kenny
Production designerAoife Murray
Camera AssistantJoseph Ingersoll
ColouristRichard O'Connor
Director's RepresentationLock It In

Cat Velez - 9th Dec 2015

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