Cat Velez - 2nd Dec 2015

California-based artist N. Lannon has released this gorgeous and trance-inducing piece by Michael Langan and Najeeb Tarazi for his track Another Love, which immerses the viewer in an ethereal 3D world, basking in the light produced by a pregnant woman's head, with blissed out dancers at her feet, in the middle of an endless ocean with puffy, Magritte clouds overhead. It's like a power-nap in video form, a wonderfully soothing four-minute long holiday. 

The video was premiered on The Creator's Project, with a blog post providing some information on the concept and technique. And as it turns out, the video was made using some hi-tech yet accessible equipment: "three Kinects, each paired with a 4k color camera."

"What we're trying to do with the aesthetic of 'Another Love' is invert the uncanny valley – your brain knows you are looking at a pleasant artificial world, but it also senses that the characters you are seeing are actual people," Tarazi told The Creators Project.

Langan added: "Video games of the early 90s are a big inspiration for the video. You can feel Sonic the Hedgehog in the golden rings of lyrics. The color palette, dolphins, and environments are a nod to Wave Race 64, slowed down to a delicious pace." Indeed. An absolutely lovely video.


DirectorMichael Langan
DirectorNajeeb Tarazi
Post ProducerDan Goodman
Other creditsKinect Executive Producer: Alex Tarrant Camera Operators: Graham Baskett, Lachlan Turczan, Boyd Hobbs, Kamell Allaway, Hana Reckart, Timothy Reckart Bubble FX: Kevin McNamara

Cat Velez - 2nd Dec 2015

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