Cat Velez - 24th Sept 2015

Charlie Tyrell has directed this video for Keita Juma's track Belly, with an animated photo collage technique inspired by David Hockney.

To pull it off, he converted video from around 13 DSLR cameras to still image sequences and printed out each individual frame, resulting in five thousand printed photos which were then animated by hand. A mammoth job, but the result is an interesting, shapeshifting take on a performance video.

Watch 'Keita Juma 'Belly' by Charlie Tyrell' here


DirectorCharlie Tyrell
ProducerNicole Powell
Production CompanyParcel Collective
AnimationBrett Long

Director of PhotographyNick Haight
VFXKyle Fowler
Director's RepresentationDefunct Films
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: David Hockney, Rol-San Restaurant, Albert Huh, Mark Matusoff, Adam Seward, Matt King, Graham Beasley, Kelly Steinhoff, Tyson Breuer, Andrew Jeffrey, Nadia Khashan, And The Toronto Animated Image Society.

Cat Velez - 24th Sept 2015

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