David Knight - 9th Sept 2015

The video for Yvein Monq's Twun is the perfect demonstration of the perilous absurdity that is wearing high heel shoes. In this case, some extraordinary ones.

This simple idea carries us through an entertaining series of sequences in which stylish, high fashion-loving women struggle against their choice of style over function. And the video's success is due in large part to how the sound works with the image, drawing a parallels between broken beats and the unpredictable movement of stumbling.

It's comedy, but a very stylish comedy from KinoPravda, the Barcelona-based directing collective now signed to Excuse My French in Paris. 


Production CompanyExcuse My French
Executive ProducerDanila Kostil, Xénia Fekete
Label8ounce Records
Other creditsCreated By : Viktor Horváth

David Knight - 9th Sept 2015

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