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Data 'Don't Sing' by David Bertram

Cat Velez - 15th June 2015

French artist Data's self-described 'future funk' track Don't Sing has been paired with this marvellous video by Paris-based director David Bertram, which is very much about the dark and twisted heart of humanity - and how thoroughly entertaining that can be.

Within an outwardly pleasant suburban community, some seriously twisted, violent and sexy goings-on are revealed, designed to make the viewer squirm - and grasping for answers. And then things take an illuminating turn when a spectacular car accident shakes the residents out of their respective distractions...

Cat Velez - 15th June 2015


  • Comedy
  • Narrative
  • Promos
  • Funk
  • Pop

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David Bertram
Production Company


Director of Photography
Benoit Soler

Cat Velez - 15th June 2015

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