David Knight - 4th June 2015

In this haunting and beautifully cinematic debut music promo from director Luke Roulstone for singer-songwriter L. Stadt, we follow a drifter as he makes his way across a desolate landscape in search of the mysterious and ethereal Kathleen.


"I was inspired by L. Stadt’s music, and myself and DOP Malte Rosenfeld saw the potential for a very dark and cinematic promo. I knew I wanted there to be a loose narrative inspired by the lyrics but I also wanted to retain a large element of mystery - always keeping Kathleen's face obscured or partially hidden.

"I love nostalgia, I love romanticising the British landscape and creating little mythologies and worlds for characters to inhabit. I think this one turned out pretty well." 

Watch 'L. Stadt 'Kathleen' by Luke Roulstone' here


DirectorLuke Roulstone
Production CompanyBare Films
Executive ProducerClare Timms
Director of PhotographyMalte Rosenfeld
Focus PullerDaniele Banzato
2nd ACWilliam Gardner
WardrobeHannah Kingsbury
EditorLuke Roulstone
Lead actorEleni Skarpari, Eric Colvin
Director's RepresentationKat Downs @ Bare Films

David Knight - 4th June 2015

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