Cat Velez - 8th Apr 2015

After Chandelier and Elastic Heart, the third instalment of the collaboration between Sia, co-director Daniel Askill, choreographer Ryan Heffington, and dancer Maddie Ziegler, showcases another powerful performance from the 12-year-old Dance Moms star, as the embodiment and expression of Sia's internal, emotive self.

But Big Girls Cry is far more pared-back than the previous two videos. No body movement, no Shia Lebeouf, all close-up intensity. Ryan Heffington creates a choreography for Maddie in which she vascillates between different emotional states: pushing and pulling at her face, employing head, arm, and hand movements to express a myriad of feeling.

And if that's punishing, the intensity only increases towards the end...


DirectorDaniel Askill
ChoreographyRyan Heffington

Cat Velez - 8th Apr 2015

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