David Knight - 24th Feb 2015

For his video for Odesza's All We Need, Canadian director Kevan Funk uses the track for serious dramatic purposes. It's the story of a drug-addict couple, played by Drea Bird and Jesse Haddock, whose swings from extreme highs to gut-wrenching lows are characterised by the presence and absence of the sweet, blissed-out music.  

It's arguably a controversial way to promote the song, but in his hard-hitting depiction of the couple's cycle of despair, Kevan continues to build his reputation. This comes after a number of excellent videos for Canadian bands, and for Danish artist Ana Trolle.  


"The genesis of the video's concept came from a strong interest in considering and playing with the medium of the music video, something that has very much been liberated from a more rigid, archetypal way of thinking. I was interested in the transportive and emotionally intangible way that music, particularly pop music, operates.

"The idea of music being an 'escape' was an idea that I was interested in employing in a more active and literal sort of way. I've long been interested in the balance and correspondence between diegetic and non-diegetic sound in cinema, and the power that that relationship has in terms of storytelling. Ultimately, this dynamic, the absence and presence of the song, became the formal element that drove the conception of the video's narrative."

PRO Credits


DirectorKevan Funk
ProducerKadri Mahmoud, Chris Toumazou
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerChris Toumazou, Kiran Mandla
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Loeb
Focus PullerEric Horn
GafferScooter Corkle
Art DirectorRobin Winnett
WardrobeMila Fanovic
Make-upJenna Kuchera
EditorKevin Funk
Lead actorDrea Bird, Jesse Haddock
Director's RepresentationCOMPULSORY
CommissionerJamie Collinson
CommissionerMaddy Salvage
LabelNinja Tune
Other creditsStills By Grady Mitchell

David Knight - 24th Feb 2015

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