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Brodinski ft Bloody Jay 'Us' by Jérémie Rozan

Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2015

 Jérémie Rozan mixes up western and eastern cultures in his surreal and stunningly visual promo for Brodinski and Bloody Jay's Us, taking us on a mind-bending tour of Chinese and eastern nightlife.

Kicking off with a scene from the penthouse suite at the Shanghai Hyatt and after indulging in a little smoke, Brodinski lounges in the company of real life Triad boys. From there Rozan unleashes a series of strong, contrasting of visuals from the Western world, ancient Chinese culture and the 'futuristic newness of Shanghai'...

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Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2015


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Jérémie Rozan
Elias Belkeddar
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Executive Producer
Edmond Tao


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Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2015

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