David Knight - 10th Feb 2015

Jopsu Ramu and Timo Ramu, aka Finnish directing team MUSUTA, decided to focus solely on the artist for their video for Feed 'Em To The Lions - and why not, when you have such a compelling, raw physicality as UK grimester Solo 45...

Everything is about Solo 45's raging performance, captured in a minimal studio setting, and Jopsu and Timo also suggest an internal struggle of different characters.    


“The brief was to capture an epic version of Solo 45’s character. We thought the most effective way of achieving this was to focus solely on [him] - so our treatment and idea was based purely on his performance and character. We wanted to have a minimal and bare set with very few different lighting setups to demonstrate the different sides of his character.

“We created this abstract, imaginary idea of a gladiator verses lion battle, where Solo is fighting himself. Fire trails shot on very low frame rates create slash effects throughout the film.

“The shoot was physical and demanding for Solo but he was consistently energetic for the entire shoot day, a real pleasure to work with”.  

PRO Credits


Production CompanyStrange Beast
Executive ProducerSam O'Keefe
ProducerGeraldine McCarthy
ProducerMickey Voak
Director of PhotographyMark Stubbs
EditorBen Leach
Post production companyAbsolute Post
Post ProducerDan Bennett
ColouristMatt Turner
CommissionerNatalia Maus
LabelIsland Records
Editing companyBig Chop
Other creditsFlame: Phil @ Absolute

David Knight - 10th Feb 2015

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