David Knight - 6th Nov 2014

Young Hungarian animator Péter Vácz has created a symbolic stop-motion animated story of great beauty and classic style for James' All I'm Saying, in which a man in a wolf's mask goes on a quest to find the spirit of a woman to whom he couldn't say goodbye.

After the wonderful video for James' Moving On, which has stop motion animation created from wool, its hard to believe that the band have repeated the trick – but they have. Péter Vácz uses a range of household materials to create his beautifully delicate universe, in which the wolf-man grasps and follows a black feather, which takes him on a spiritual journey into another world, and challenged by cosmic elements.

Just as he thinks he is lost, the woman's spirit appears, to help him face the world without his mask...

Watch 'James 'All I'm Saying' by Péter Vácz ' here


DirectorPéter Vácz
ProducerSam Hope
Production CompanyPicasso Pictures
Director's RepresentationPicasso Pictures
CommissionerFaye Purcell
LabelBmg Uk

David Knight - 6th Nov 2014

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