Jimmy Brown - 29th Oct 2014

Taken from her new album The London Sessions - recorded in the UK capital with the cream of the British music scene - Mike Ho captures London in all its glory in his promo for Mary J Blige's new single Right Now.

In a co-production between UK company Luti Media and Riveting Media in America, Mike intercuts captivating London-at-night imagery with the legandary soul singer performing in a more down to earth setting - under a dank and gritty railway arch...

PRO Credits


DirectorMike Ho
UK ProducerLuti Fagbenle
US ProducerAndrew Sandler
ProducerChance Wilson
Production CompanyLuti Media
Production CompanyRiveting Entertainment
Executive ProducerAndrew Listermann(us) Luti Fagbenle(uk)
Production ManagerStefano Moses
1st ADKole
Director of PhotographyAaron Reid
Focus PullerCatherine Brown
SteadicamRichard Lewis

Jimmy Brown - 29th Oct 2014

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