David Knight - 8th Oct 2014


DirectorEmil Nava
ProducerDanyi Deats
Production CompanyLondon Alley
Executive ProducerLuga Podesta
Executive ProducerLanette Phillips
Executive ProducerBrandon Bonfiglio
LabelAtlantic Records
CommissionerDan Curwin

David Knight - 8th Oct 2014

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An FBI survellance operation turns up something surprising in Emil Nava's video for Pusha T's Lunch Money - some of the world's greatest body-contorting street dancers. 

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Kwabs 'Wrong or Right' by Emil Nava

As cameos go this one was subtle. With the public having seen very little of Kwabs – minus a few session promos – it was a bold step to step back and allow the voice to flow, …

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Eminem 'River' by Emil Nava

Filled with intense highs and lows, Emil Nava captures the honest, intimate confessions of love from Eminem and Ed Sheeran in the compelling new video River.

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