Jimmy Brown - 21st Aug 2014

Featuring an amazingly cool tree-house, Andrew Donoho constructs a unique and real get-away-from-it-all world for a young couple in his promo for Cigarette Song by Atlanta singer-songwriter Raury. 

Powered by beautiful photography from DP Nathaniel Hurtsellers, Donoho severely contrasts the idyllic scenery with a bit of pyromania...


"Working with Raury has always been an absolute pleasure, and the Cigarette Song music video is no exception.  It's rare to find an artist as young, talented, and unique as Raury.  I'm lucky to have had the pleasure to work with him so early in his career.  

"The video has been about four months in the making, and provided a very organic shooting and editing process.  Only a few weeks after God's Whisper was released, Carlon Ramong of Love Renaissance came to me with a beautiful idea revolving around an environment outside of reality that could embody the relationship portrayed in the song (and let us play with fire).

"We bounced drafts back-and-forth for a few weeks, and I started putting the pieces together. The secluded in-town tree house is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta, and we jumped through every hoop imaginable to lock it down.  We wanted the video to echo God's Whisper and function as a companion piece, so Nate Hurtsellers (the DP) and I spent a great deal of time mapping out what we wanted to say with every single frame, then building an imagery and color palette we could pull from that maintained the raw nature of God's Whisper while adding a gentle, softer presence.  

"We shot over the course of multiple days in multiple places (sometimes my back yard) attempting to build layers and expand the world we were creating.  It was the kind of shoot where every day was an adventure, and I walked away with the kinds of stories I'll be telling in 30 years."

PRO Credits


DirectorAndrew Donoho
ProducerCarlon Ramong
Executive ProducerLoverenaissance Llc
Director of PhotographyNathaniel Hurtsellers
Focus PullerMatt Evans
2nd ACWill Hughes
GafferEdward Martinez
Art DirectorSpencer Anderson
HairTrevon Williams
EditorPatrick Perry
ColouristAndrew Donoho
Director's RepresentationOB Management
OPJarret Morgan
Key GripJohn Titas
2nd Unit GafferGabe Pippas
G/EJack Hackett, Ryan Staten
Best Boy ElectricianGerald Carmichael

Jimmy Brown - 21st Aug 2014

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