David Knight - 19th June 2014

For their latest magnum opus, it looks initially as if OK Go have returned to the Rube Goldberg Machine of their This Too Shall Pass video - perhaps to try to make it a true one-shot video this time. As if they would bother with anything so unambitious...   

The video for Writing's On The Wall may look like it was shot in the same studio, but the focus of their latest jawdropper is a continuous stream of in-camera optical illusions and perspective tricks. Ridiculously great ones.

Aaron Duffy and Bob Partington, two directors signed to 1st Ave Machine, got together with OK Go lead singer Damian Kulash to direct this - although 'Special Guest' gets a special credit for creating the video, with production designer Cheri Anderson as their executive producer.

More background about the video will no doubt emerge soon. Suffice to say, this comfortably sits among the greatest of the great music videos that OK Go have made. It may also be more ammunition to those naysayers who argue that the band's videos are more memorable than their songs, but it doesn't change the fact this is yet another remarkable exercise by pop's resident visual performance artists. 


CreativeSpecial Guest for OK Go
DirectorAaron Duffy
DirectorDamian Kulash, Jr.
DirectorBob Partington
Production Company1st Ave Machine/Warm & Fuzzy
Executive ProducerCheri Anderson at Special Guest
Executive ProducerSam Penfield at 1stAveMachine
ProducerGarrett Fennelly
Creative DirectorMary Fagot
Director of PhotographyWilliam Rexer
Production designerEthan Tobman
WardrobeCiera Wells
ColouristSeth Ricart
Grading companyRicart + Co
SoundJeffery Seelye at Dig It Audio

David Knight - 19th June 2014

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