Jimmy Brown - 12th May 2014

Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman aka BRTHR deliver an exhaustive flow of set pieces and images in their visually appealing promo for Ben Khan's Youth.

The directing duo commence proceedings with a creepy knife-in-the-shower scene then as the track gains momentum, a series of images of guns and fast-edited memories of a youth gone by...

PRO Credits


HairChichi Saito
ProducerLorenzo Ragionieri
ProducerSara Greco
Director of PhotographyBRTHR
Production designerLauren Nikrooz
GafferChris Fisher
GripPete Milmoe
Lead AnimatorGustavo Torres
Art DepartmentRosie Turnbull
Art DepartmentYung Wifi
StylistLana Lackey
Production CompanyLEGS Media
Make-upChichi Saito
DITJose Cota
Assistant EditorMak Delise Wightman
Production AssistantMegan Kiantos
Production AssistantJavier Martinze
Lead actorJullien Herrera
Lead actorIca Paru
Lead actorDylan Wightman

Jimmy Brown - 12th May 2014

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