Jimmy Brown - 14th Feb 2014

An old lady gets up to dance at the wake for her late husband in Adam Berg's beautiful, very poignant promo for Happiness' All Apologies.

Perfectly reflecting the sensitive soundtrack, Berg piles on the emotion within the narrative as the song escalates - with soe big performances, and an anticipated but still highly effective final twist. And, appropriately for a film released on Valentine's Day, it is ultimately a testimonial to the power of love.

Adam Berg’s brother was instrumental in bringing his attention to the band. Having had a hand in writing the song, he played Adam the track on a road trip up the California coast - he was immediately blown away.

“The song is, in many ways, about accepting your fate so we discussed the concept of doing something minimalistic,” explains Adam about initial ideas with the band.

The video was shot on the back of a Mercedes job, with Berg using the same crew and equipment after scouting a location. The work was also shot on Alexa with anamorphic lenses to lend a cinematic feel to the tale. “As we began to shoot the older couple dancing together it began to have an effect on the people who were there,” says Berg, casting extras as the one day shoot progressed. “One woman was tearing up, and I knew immediately she could play the daughter.”

He adds: “I wanted everyone to simply react to the situation as it unfolded. I felt is was important for them to just do it without knowing what to do next.”

He also tweaked the image in post, creating slightly darker imagery to match the mood of the story. “It’s almost the opposite of how [a commercial] is made. It was very liberating not having a shot list, or having anyone tell us what to do. It was all about going with a gut feeling. It was wonderfully organic and playful in the end."

PRO Credits


DirectorAdam Berg
Production CompanySMUGGLER
ProducerRhonda Vernet
Executive ProducerPatrick Milling Smith
Executive ProducerBrian Carmody
Executive ProducerLisa Rich
EditorPaul Hardcastle
Executive ProducerShannon Jones
Director of PhotographyJoost Van Gelder
LabelAtlantic Records
Director's Rep (UK)Stink Films

Jimmy Brown - 14th Feb 2014

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