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Phantogram 'Fall In Love' by Timothy Saccenti

Phantogram 'Fall In Love' by Timothy Saccenti

David Knight - 13th Feb 2014

Tim Saccenti has been making inventive, visually stunning performance videos ever since his classic for Battles' Atlas in 2007. He's been working with projections for a while too, and it's all come together with his video for new pop-electronic duo Phantogram's Fall In Love - co-directed with Joshua 'Praystation' Davis, a visual code artist he's been collaborating with for a while.

The result is mesmerizing, the impact heightened the fact the video was shot in true black and white, on the Red Monochrome. 

Tim Saccenti:

"This is a piece I’ve directed for the band Phantogram, the creative process for it stemming from explorations and visual ideas I’d been working on with visual code artist Joshua Davis – aka Praystation – and my personal experiments with video synthesizers and projections.  

"Josh and I had been bouncing visuals back and forth for some time, really enjoying the process of taking his code-based visuals and distorting and synthesizing them….and taking them “out of the box” via projections..pushing the sculptural elements in the process.  

"With code and video synths there’s some similarity. You set up parameters and the pieces generate themselves in a way.  It’s got a touch of alchemy to it.  When I had been commissioned to create the album artwork for the Phantogram debut “Voices” I felt their sound and visual direction would work well with a touch of this alchemy.  

"We created the artwork around Josh's code and I projected onto the band and graphic set pieces – the music video became and extension of this.

"Working with DP Ivan Abel, Josh did live programming in the studio during the shoot, adjusting each setup to work with our designed camera moves and performance.  Feeling that it might become a become a bit too digital and stiff we incorporated an emotional element in the dancer.  

"I’ve shot with projectors before and understand their quirks so wanted to attempt to film this with the Red Monochrome camera, knowing it superior dynamic range would hold the details we wanted.  To my surprise the label was fully onboard to delivery a completely black and white video. In post we incorporated some visuals we had created via the video synthesizers and other pieces of experiments we had been developing for the piece."

David Knight - 13th Feb 2014


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Timothy Saccenti
Brooke McDaniel
Production Company
Radical Media
Executive Producer
Jennifer Heath


Director of Photography
Ivan Abel


Art Director
Sub Rosa


Mark Holmes


Rex Lowry


Matt Posey
Post production company


Republic Records


Joshua Davis

David Knight - 13th Feb 2014

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