David Knight - 23rd Jan 2014

Wim Reygaert's video for The Subs' Concorde is 'based on a true dream' and you can believe it. High-cheekboned beauty Stéphanie Crayencour encounters skipping gangsters, a girl vomiting 3D shapes, and is stalked by her lugubrious co-star Jean-Pierre Castaldi, on her way from the film set to her trailer. Maybe its punishment for wearing a fur?

As stylish, cool and sexy as you'd expect from the man who directed the superb Bowie tribute Dave, for the Radio Soulwax project

PRO Credits


DirectorWim Reygaert
Production CompanyCaviar
Director of PhotographyMaximiliaan Dierickx
EditorKoen Timmerman
3D ArtistCharles De Meyer
Art DirectorYves Verstraete
Art DirectorMark Pozlep
WardrobeLisa Lapauw
Executive ProducerGeert De Wachter
ProducerAudrey Dierckx
Production AssistantLynn Bernaerts
Lead actorJean-Pierre Castaldi
Lead actorStéphanie Crayencour
Lead actorSofie Hoflack
Director's Rep (UK)Forever

David Knight - 23rd Jan 2014

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