Jimmy Brown - 23rd Jan 2014

Echoing their brilliant projections onto Buckingham Palace for Madness’ It Must Be Love shown during the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert, Alasdair+Jock deliver this fun and lively lyric video for Lily Allen's upcoming single Air Balloon.

To meet tight deadlines, the promo was turned around in seven days and features the duo's distinctive style along with their vibrant colour palette. The typography, partially inspired by American artist Jeff Koons, is rendered in balloon writing, with sentences filling and deflating and bursting with little puffs of smoke...  


“Working to such an incredibly tight deadline certainly focused the creative process. We knew what we wanted to do was visually ambitious and nearly impossible in the time we had, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to create something that wasn’t as visually sleek and as impressive as we could possibly make.

"Even though it felt like the undersides of my eyelids were covered in sandpaper I’m glad we stuck to our guns. It’s always worth it in the end!"


Production CompanyTrunk Animation
ProducerRichard Barnett
IllustratorJock Mooney
AnimationLayla Atkinson
AnimationPedro Lino
AnimationAlasdair Brotherston
AnimationLeslie Dart
CommissionerSam Seager

Jimmy Brown - 23rd Jan 2014

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