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Fryars 'Wedding Crasher Pts. I & II' by Jamie and Jamie

David Knight - 19th Dec 2013

This is a highly impressive, very atmospheric video for Fryars' Wedding Crasher (Pts I & II) by new directing duo Jamie and Jamie. 

Shot at Temple Studios, the gigantic four-floor set for the Punchdrunk and National Theatre co-production ‘The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable’ in London, the promo is a impressionistic visualization of Fryars hard-boiled narrative song, and the influence of David Lynch looms large. And using an extraordinary theatrical set to create the atmposphere of 80s Americana is an inspired move. 

Jamie and Jamie: 

"Wedding Crasher is a track that’s overflowing with lyrical content. It’s got this funereal beat that kind of mesmerises you, sucking you further into the words – so it was really important for us to let the track's narrative speak. The difficulty for us making the video was how closely to stick to the story. We couldn’t just ape the details of the track – we needed to bring something else. We wanted to add layers to the story you’re hearing; to undermine and question what the narrator is telling you.

"Stylistically it takes a lot of inspiration from Twin Peaks. And this reference merged beautifully with the dark, film-noir, 50s feel of the sets within The Drowned Man. Being allowed to work in the Punchdrunk world connected the dots between the period aesthetic of the locations and the rather 80s ‘materialism gone sour’ quality of the narrative. The way Lynch treats grotesque sexuality - and particularly sexual violence - married uniquely for us with the story Fryars had constructed.

"We had to do a lot of convincing to get Punchdrunk to let us shoot inside Temple Studios. There was an evening performance on the day of the shoot, so we only had 8 hours to do everything – a pretty daunting timeframe that we overcame by shooting everything on steadicam for maximum coverage, with some militaristic scheduling by our producer Pete and the Punchdrunk technical team."


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David Knight - 19th Dec 2013


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Jamie and Jamie
Pete Shuttleworth
Production Company


Director of Photography
Dominic Bartels
Rupert Power


Art Director
Lucie Massey


Casting director
Shakyra Dowling
Lead actor
Frankie Park


Jamie and Jamie


Julien Biard


Ed Checkley

Other credits

SFX Makeup

Liann Weidle

Production Assistant

Rhodri Davies

Special thanks


David Knight - 19th Dec 2013

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