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Superhumanoids 'So Strange' by David Altobelli & Taylor Cohen

David Knight - 2nd Dec 2013

A provocative tale of a young prostitute and her john - who brings her back to meet the wife - for Superhumanoids' So Strange, co-directed by David Altobelli and Taylor Cohen, and shot partly in a gloomy Malibu. 

Jessica Collins - an Altobelli regular who's appeared in his videos for Hammock - plays the happy hooker, while Brendan Sexton III, veteran of movies like Welcome To The Dollhouse, Boys Dont Cry and Empire Records, plays the unusually doting husband. All in a day's work...

David Altobelli: "Taylor did [Superhumanoid's] last video (for Bad Weather), and we got to thinking of ideas for this track together. It happened very naturally, and I liked his sensibilities. I also wanted to break out of the direction I'd been going in and he helped me do that. 

"We broke the camera on the first set-up. We briefly considered shooting the rest on an iphone until a member of the crew chimed in with a more sane solution. The shoot picked up a bit from there. We shot overnight, starting in Malibu at dusk and then in Hollywood from 4-8am."

Taylor Cohen: "A ton of credit to the band and their label, Innovative Leisure, for being totally supportive of the treatment. And shout out to Jeremy Piven for having a very chill beach party next door to our Malibu location."

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David Knight - 2nd Dec 2013


  • Director's notes
  • Mature - NSFW
  • Narrative
  • Alternative

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David Knight - 2nd Dec 2013

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