David Knight - 2nd Dec 2013

A provocative tale of a young prostitute and her john - who brings her back to meet the wife - for Superhumanoids' So Strange, co-directed by David Altobelli and Taylor Cohen, and shot partly in a gloomy Malibu. 

Jessica Collins - an Altobelli regular who's appeared in his videos for Hammock - plays the happy hooker, while Brendan Sexton III, veteran of movies like Welcome To The Dollhouse, Boys Dont Cry and Empire Records, plays the unusually doting husband. All in a day's work...

David Altobelli: "Taylor did [Superhumanoid's] last video (for Bad Weather), and we got to thinking of ideas for this track together. It happened very naturally, and I liked his sensibilities. I also wanted to break out of the direction I'd been going in and he helped me do that. 

"We broke the camera on the first set-up. We briefly considered shooting the rest on an iphone until a member of the crew chimed in with a more sane solution. The shoot picked up a bit from there. We shot overnight, starting in Malibu at dusk and then in Hollywood from 4-8am."

Taylor Cohen: "A ton of credit to the band and their label, Innovative Leisure, for being totally supportive of the treatment. And shout out to Jeremy Piven for having a very chill beach party next door to our Malibu location."

PRO Credits


DirectorDavid Altobelli
DirectorTaylor Cohen
ProducerJason Baum
Director of PhotographyEli Born
ColouristDerek Hansen
Grading companyMPC
SoundEric Hoehn
Other creditsD Altobelli Representation UK: Riff Raff Films D Altobelli Director Rep UK: Joceline Gabriel

David Knight - 2nd Dec 2013

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