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Glitches 'RGB' by Holly Blakey

David Knight - 28th Nov 2013

Holly Blakey, the choreographer responsible for the moves in Russ Chimes Turn Me Out and Jessie Ware's Night Light, has now directed her first music video, for Glitches' RGB. It's an impressive debut, where not surprisingly choreography plays a major part. The surprise is that the dancers are, for the most part, the band members. 

One by one, the three bandmembers gets drawn into the action - assisted by the professional dancers accompanying them. It really builds into something special - in no small part down to the camerawork, on steadicam, by DoP Doug Walshe. 

Holly Blakey:

"The idea behind it was to work on giving the GLITCHES boys moves that would feel very much their own- that they would be comfortable with, being that they aren't professional dancers!  (they are now, of course...). We were pretty limited in terms of budget so it was all done in one room with an amazing supporting cast, who all put so much into it on the day.

"Simone, the producer thought it would be great to shoot on steadicam- and that was a real turning point. Suddenly the whole thing came together when we spoke to DoP Doug Walshe. And then, it has to be said, the deft editing skills that Gaia Boretti took the film to a new level!  A really great video to work on."

David Knight - 28th Nov 2013


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Holly Blakey
Simone Radclyffe
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Oliver's Island


Director of Photography
Doug Walshe


Gaia Borretti


Sam Bailey

David Knight - 28th Nov 2013

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