David Knight - 12th Nov 2013

In the video for These New Puritans' V (Island Song), directed by animation team PICNIC, a group of islands is revealed to be a girl lying in a bath, who then emerges to go to a cinema, to be immediately lured into the screen by the hand of a beast, and then finds herself falling into a wheel of knives to be sliced into little pieces to become hors d'oevres for party guests...

Nice. This darkly surreal tale (which is also the second video this year to feature a wrecking ball) was scripted by TNP's frontman Jack Barnett – who also provided sketches and quotes - and then brought to life by PICNIC, who used a combination of 2D and 3D to create over seven minutes of animation in just over a month. A great achievement, and a weird and wonderful end result.  

PRO Credits


ProducerAdriane Scott-Kemp
Executive ProducerAmber Millington
AnimatorRalph Pinel
AnimatorDavid Horsburgh
AnimatorDonna Pinel
AnimatorZac Ella
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerAndrew Law

David Knight - 12th Nov 2013

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