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Olly Murs 'Hand On My Heart' by Vaughan Arnell

Olly Murs 'Hand On My Heart' by Vaughan Arnell

David Knight - 8th Nov 2013

Hang on, this one looks vaguely familiar... 

Well, of course it does. But this is not just a spoof, or even a homage (seeing its been made by the same director). Instead here's something possibly never before attempted - Vaughan Arnell's new Olly Murs video for Hand On My Heart is a painstaking reconstruction of the video he directed for Robbie Willliams' Angels in 1996 - the one that effectively launched Robbie's career. 

In fact, its an almost eerily accurate facsimile - from Olly himself, to the photography, and at least one crucial location, Sauton Sands. It does highlight a certain timeless quality in the original. And of course Robbie is in on the joke. He makes a cameo - with a mock-incredulous 'what are you doing?' aimed at Murs, the young pretender...

Vaughan Arnell: "Robbie and I have talked in the past about him invading another video. Then the brief for this one was for it to be ‘Angels-esque’. So I played the track over the Angels video and it fitted perfectly. So I thought why not cheat it exactly. I sent them both the treatment – I had no ideas if Olly would go for it. But they had sung it together on the X Factor, and had become really good mates after that.

"Then I thought ‘what the fuck have I done.’ For a start, some of the locations don’t exist any more – like the buildings next to St Paul’s Cathedral where we shot Rob playing football. And the beach was still there! It was looking bad for a bit, but we pulled it together at the last minute.

"And it actually wasn’t a complete nightmare matching the shots. Will Bex did a great job with the photography, and we always had the original on an iPad so we could always see where Robbie had been standing. In a way we had the perfect storyboard.

“Best thing of the day? Robbie and Olly dressed the same. It’s a bit of a giggle. And when we had Olly playing football in the Barbican, right at the end he kicked the ball through someone’s window. We all ran away, like a bunch of kids…

“Obviously not everyone is going to get it – half the people in the office hadn’t seen the orginal. But it’s good to shake things up a bit. I might re-do Back For Good next…”  

Watch 'Olly Murs 'Hand On My Heart' by Vaughan Arnell' here

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David Knight - 8th Nov 2013


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Vaughan Arnell
Adam Farley
Production Company
Executive Producer
Tom Knight
1st AD
Billy Payne


Director of Photography
Will Bex
Director of Photography
David Johnson
Focus Puller
Jessie Brough
2nd AC
Benjamin Adefarasin
Camera Assistant
Mitchell Colins
Simon Wood


Nathan Matthews


Art Director
Lou Corcoran
Art Department Assistant
Alice Wigley
Art Department Assistant
Chloe Wood


Lee Holden


Editing company
Family Editing


Aubrey Woodiwiss


Post production company
Post Producer
Alannah Currie


Director's Rep (UK)


Mike O'Keefe

Other credits

Olly (Make-Up)

Selena Middleton

Olly (Hair)

Jamie Stevens

Robbie (Make-Up)

Gina Kate

Robbie (Hair)

Oliver Wood

Lead Girl Make Up & Hair

Anna Wild

David Knight - 8th Nov 2013

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