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Wayward 'Only Flaw'/'Ezekiel' by Luke Monaghan

David Knight - 16th Oct 2013

Luke Monaghan has made this beautiful, impressionistic short film about an extraordinary 12 year old boy called Ezekiel - he's the youngest preacher in the USA.

Luke's film, which follows Ezekiel in action at a church service in Washington DC, was released a couple of months ago as part of the Tribute series, produced by AG Rojas' and Vincent Haycock's production venture Mainline, and showcasing on Dazed Digital. 

Eschewing interviews for natural, in the moment sound, Ezekiel is topped and tailed by Wayward's Only Flaw - so this short film is also a fine accompaniment to the track.  

Luke Monaghan: "I found out about him when the Huffington Post did a interview with him and followed him and his mother to a church sermon. I bookmarked it and never forgot about Ezekiel. Then I got a tiny amount to funding to make it happen and we went wild.

"I didn't know what form I wanted it to take. I intended on going there, making a short that was musical and decided to scrap using any interview and just try and tell a story using natural sounds.

"Then the song 'Only Flaw' by Wayward got put my way just before we got back from Washington and into the edit. And it was perfect! The beginning and end is all about his 12-year-old innocence and lightness, and the track matched that perfectly."

David Knight - 16th Oct 2013


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Luke Monaghan
Laure Salgon


Director of Photography
Adam Donald


Editing company
Stitch Editing
Jarrett DePasquale
Sound design
Martin Leitner


Jack McGinity
Colour grade company

David Knight - 16th Oct 2013

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