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Deaf Havana 'Mildred (Lost A Friend)' by Frederick Lloyd

David Knight - 5th Sept 2013

Drawing from the theme of the song, Frederick Lloyd weaves a poignant tale of a great childhood friendship destroyed by the demands of adulthood, for Deaf Havana's Mildred (Lost A Friend).

This is Frederick's second video with the band, following the performance piece for Boston Square, and here he stresses the sense of loss by using the same boy actors to play grown-ups, and then revealing a sci-fi element. Their separation into different worlds is not just metaphorical... 


Frederick Lloyd: "After such a great experience directing Deaf Havana’s last video for Boston Square, I was really eager to get on board with their next video. Narrative based filmmaking is far more my style, so to have the opportunity to do this with such an emotionally engaging track and creative freedom was a huge privilege.

"As with nearly all of Deaf Havana’s lyrical content, Mildred is heavily based on their actual experiences, so I drew from this but also wanted to create a stylised and symbolic narrative about growing up and becoming polarized from those closest to you, when really, deep down you’re still just those kids with long forgotten dreams of what your life would be. It’s about having to grow up too fast and how sad that can be; a small scale, personal drama set within this much broader, symbolic idea of separate worlds, which is very much my style.

"I tried to include lots of references to the band’s own musical influences to make it as true to them as possible and I worked very closely with my production designer Francis Fagan to help achieve that sense of childhood nostalgia. We were lucky to find two great young actors to really bring that emotional weight across and being on editing duties as well really helped to craft the story we were trying to tell."

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David Knight - 5th Sept 2013


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Frederick Lloyd
Nathan Killham
Production Company


Director of Photography
Johnathan L. Flint
Director of Photography
Matt Vahey
1st AC
Jack Daniel
1st AC
Duncan Trevithick
2nd AC
Jamie Buckingham


Daniel Goodall


Art Director
Francis Fagan


Hair & Make-up
Shillito Sisters


Frederick Lloyd


Steve Atkins


Dan Ruiz


Director's Representation
Alex Harman @ Kode Media


Jamie Osman
Bmg Chrysalis

Other credits


Ryan O'Donoghue

1st AD

Alex Harman

David Knight - 5th Sept 2013

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