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Savoir Adore 'Regalia (Director's Cut)' by Alex Maxwell & Iwan Zwarts

David Knight - 26th Aug 2013

Alex Maxwell, who directed the excellent Cody ChestnuTT video for I've Been Life featuring Brooklyn stilt-dancers – has now got together with Iwan Zwarts to create a very different kind of video, for Savoir Adore's Regalia. 

Essentially a studio performance video, the band are intercut with a remarkable landscape made of paper, created by art director Hayley Morris. Not that her works survives the end of the video...  It's another impressive project from Alex, on the side from his day job as VFX artist at The Mill in New York.

Alex Maxwell: "To reinforce the message of the track in an unexpected way, we wanted to build a lifeless world that felt fragile, nurture it for a moment, giving it a false sense of permanence, and then destroy it catastrophically.

"We collaborated with Hayley Morris, an incredible artist and director who specializes in stop-motion. She was keen to work on something where the camera rolls at 24fps for a change. We gave her schematics, reference and some shot choreography and she ran with it. Out of her workshop came our landscapes. It was all built modularly and we assembled it together at B2Pro stages. B2Pro brought a lot to this production, we worked with their incredible gaffer Jared Roessler and used a single, 5k bulb on a jib as our light source. We moved the lighting unit in high arcs to simulate the passage of sun.

"Alexander Hankoff, the DoP and operator did his smoothest moves when the fire got out-of-control; the crew was all running outside and he stayed in there – like Kurt Russell in Backdraft, except instead of saving kids, he was getting our shots! Good thing too because we had only one go of it. We shot on the Epic with a snorkel lens to move around in tight corners and give the set a sense of scale. Also, a bunch of B2Pro's vintage Mir and Pentax lenses to get some really interesting flares. 

"I'm pretty bored of lens flares at this point and normally try to avoid them but to go along with the abstract landscapes we built, they were just too appropriate."

David Knight - 26th Aug 2013


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Alex Maxwell
Iwan Zwarts
Alex Maxwell
James Jolly


Director of Photography
Alexander Hankoff


Jared Roessler


Art Director
Hayley Morris


Allie Smith


Jessica Ledoux


Damien Van Der Cruyssen


Iwan Zwarts
Post production company

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Executive Production

B2Pro, AXZ, The Mill

David Knight - 26th Aug 2013

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