David Knight - 30th July 2013

Cyrille de Vignemont has created a gorgeous, very atmospheric video for Ghostpoet's Cold Win, with beautiful photography (by DoP Nicolas Loir) and subtle use of VFX to reflect the thoughtful sensibility of Obaro Ejimiwe aka Ghostpoet's music.

Some of it was shot at dawn on the roads of Iceland, other parts in a house designed by the architect Alvar Aalto. And there's a tension between the wide open space and the interior - particularly focusing on Obaro himself, at the wheel of a vintage car in darkness, ad then surrounded by very special raindrops. They coallesce to form 'hobo symbols' – series of characters used by the rootless vagabonds who appeared in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century to communicate below the radar of civilized society.

But then Cyrille (now working under his own name rather than his old monicker of Danakil) was inspired by that special feeling of wanting to drive away from your life, but never quite managing it. And by all the rain that fell on Paris during June... 

Cyrille de Vignemont: "When I was a kid I was looking at the lights coming from the cars on the street every night, the way they were moving on the walls of my bedroom, creating strange shadows. I always had this obsession with roads, the dividing lines are fascinating... Taking a car and running away, we all want to do that. Maybe that's why I don't have a driving license. Nor did Obaro (aka Ghostpoet) even if he is always taking pictures of vintage cars.

"So it was raining everyday in Paris in June, I was listening to Cold Win, watching the droplets drawing shapes on my window, my mood was really close to the track and ten days later we were shooting this particular feeling. It was a lot of new experiences for me, my other music-videos were more like personal projects, there was less people involved, so everything was different... And also for the first-time I worked with a UK label and that was really cool.

"We shot the night part of the video on the shortest night of the year, June 21th, only 6 hours of darkness, really intense. But maybe less than the night we spent in Iceland, driving all night through these ethereal landscapes, shooting the dawn and the sunrise, with that magical northern light.

"We were only four, my producer, the DP and the Executive Producer/Precision Driver and we ended up at 7 AM, in a motel where there was only one room with three beds available. So I slept outside on the grass, there was a lot of dew, and that was kind of perfect for a video full of Hobo signs and raindrops."


DirectorCyrille de Vignemont
Production CompanyWanda Productions
Executive ProducerCeline Roubaud
Line ProducerFrançois Dupont
Director of PhotographyNicolas Loir
1st ADFrançois Dupont
1st ADClaire Lance
EditorMark Maborough
EditorCamille Langlais

David Knight - 30th July 2013

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