David Knight - 8th June 2013

Directing duo Sophie Diess and Jean-Christophe Saurel – aka Soandsau – have directed a marvellous, darkly comic video for She Burns by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard with Mara Carlyle on vocals. 

A man and a woman enter a room to attend to Mara, and as she begins to sing about regrettable recent events, her predicament is soon clear: she's dead. Injected with embalming fluid by the morticians, different parts of her body briefly spring to life.

Filmed over a day in a flat in Peckham in London for what executive producer Russell McLean calls "definitely a passion project where everyone was onboard because they wanted to be." Produced by Kim Strobl (also 1st AD), and photographed by Olivier Cariou, the grade was by Julien Baird at Finish - and this was also a rare outing in music videos for editor Paul Hardcastle.

Sophie and Jean-Christophe previously worked with Mara on her video for I Blame You Not, and were pleased to get the chance to work with her again. "We were asked to come up for an idea to fit the track. We liked the idea of there being frozen moments throughout, that although she is dead there are bits of her that are still alive. As she gets embalmed more of her comes to life on the screen."

Jean Christophe adds: "We’re really pleased with the ambience that the promo creates.  We put a lot of thought into how best to symbolise the world of death in a way that complimented the track and remained visually interesting.  This was done with the help of our brilliant cast of Tom and Janet and of course the talented team of production and post crew we had on board."

Sophie says: "Working with Mara is an absolute pleasure. We have the upmost respect and admiration for her and her input throughout the shoot was always very positive. She is a great talent and brings with it great sensitivity."

Watch 'Joe Goddard feat. Mara Carlyle 'She Burns' by Soandsau' here


ProducerKim Strobl
1st ADKim Strobl
Executive ProducerRussell McLean
Production CompanyPassion Pictures
Director of PhotographyOlivier Cariou
EditorPaul Hardcastle
Editing companyTrim Editing
ColouristJulien Biard
Grading companyFinish
Post ProducerJustine White
Hair & Make-upNiki Henry
LabelGreco-Roman Records
CommissionerMara Carlyle
CommissionerAlexander Waldron

David Knight - 8th June 2013

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