Promo News - 12th Apr 2013

If you’re looking for a heartwarming fantasy journey and don’t fancy hobbits or wizards then maybe Pablo Maestres’ disco-ball adventure is more what you’re looking for. It’s considerably less sinister than his now notorious and award winning video for Be Brave Benjamin, but continues a similar stylish 70′s look.

Our spherical protagonist escapes the scrapyard and comes across an array of characters and some (pretty special) locations before finding a home. Shot in Pablo’s home of Spain he says, “it was an intense shoot, sixteen locations in 3 days only, many displacements and many people in casting. The movement movement of the ball was a challenge (which seems simple a priori, it is not so in the case of a round object with crystals).”


Production designerAnna Colomer
DirectorPablo Maestres
Production CompanyHenry de Czar
Executive ProducerAmandine Le Drappier
Line ProducerErwan Collas
Production AssistantMarc Pujolar
Director of PhotographyMarc Miró
WardrobeClémence Cahu
WardrobeAgnés Costa
Production CompanyIris
ProducerZico Judge
Line ProducerLaia Barrot
CommissionerEmilie Urbansky

Promo News - 12th Apr 2013

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