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Roman 'Aftermaths' by Federico Urdaneta

Sam Hill - 15th Mar 2013

Federico Urdaneta has chosen to create five mini 'teaser' style videos for mysterious newcomer ROMAN rather than a standard promo. It works well, with each film relating to a day of the week. These pieces are a insight into ROMAN as "a creature of the night', but they're no trip to the pub - there's gothic imagery, surrealist scenes and a darkly comic approach to each.

Federico and ROMAN worked together closely on the project: "We wanted to get a short glimpse into the grim consequences of his actions, the aftermaths to his lifestyle. We decided the best approach was to get a panoramic view of his activities, so instead of doing one, long boring promo we did 5 short, teaser ones, each one detailing the tail end of one of his debauched nights.

"Each session became a film, each film existing in isolation and also part of the grander narrative of Roman's decadent lifestyle."

You can watch all five films condensed together below.

Sam Hill - 15th Mar 2013


  • Dance
  • Narrative
  • Promos

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Director of Photography
Dan Stafford Clark


Production Assistant
Drew O'Neill


Nina Andersson


Casting director
Lydia Garnett


Ben Marshall

Sam Hill - 15th Mar 2013

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