David Knight - 27th Nov 2012

The band perform the song in a house in the teeth of a ferocious dust storm - so bad they momentarily become dust themselves - until the sheer power of This Ladder Is Ours drives the storm away. It's a cinematic departure from Greg's in-camera VFX videos - but this was largely shot in-camera too.

The video was shot in a house in Agua Dulce, CA (an hour's drive north of LA) the band performing amid 'movie dirt' blown by giant fans. The effect as an accompaniment to a big performance, is tremendous, although the band are probably still cleaning the dust out of their ears... Greg explains all at Video Static.



DirectorGreg Jardin
ProducerJason Baum
Production CompanyRadical Media
Director of PhotographyDavid Myrick
Production designerEric Archer
StylistJessica and Kelly
Make-upSage Maitri
Executive ProducerJennifer He
CommissionerDavid Saslow

David Knight - 27th Nov 2012

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